Friday, the 15th of December, the Association opens the doors onto the NSOI Autumn Congress of 2017 - 3 Wise Men from the East 

Within the framework of implantology we are inclined to focus our attention on the elite of the traditional implantology countries in the North (Sweden, Germany and Switzerland), the West (The USA and England) and the South (Spain and Italy).
With proper pride we introduce three men to you, Three Wise Men Coming from the East, three stunning colleagues and orators, who, for the first time, will mount a Dutch podium during the dark days before Christmas! In short, it is a very spectacular program to end the year with and to herald our seventh lustre year 2018. We are looking forward to meet you in Bussum, December 15th.
Dr. Tomas Linkevičius (Lithuania) - just 40 years old, but with 70 publications to his name - will speak about 'Zero Bone Loss Concepts' with special attention for the influence of soft-tissue thickness on Crestal Bone Stability.
Dr. Istvan Urban (Hungary) is one of the most requested speakers in the world. His subject is 'Vertical and Horizontal Bone Augmentation' resembling the title of his very successful book 'Vertical and Horizontal Ridge Augmentation' which he published this year.
Dr. Florin Cofar (Romania) brings 'The Geometry of Beauty' into focus in relation to the use of digital techniques (among which CAD-CAM and Smile design) aiming to achieve the best natural restorations. His film shots are the most beautiful and most viewed dental videos on the net.
The chairman of the day is Pim Ruijpers

The NSOI autumn congress 2017 is organised in collaboration with our industrial partners.

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