We hebben een gevarieerd, implantologisch programma kunnen samenstellen en stellen u graag voor aan de sprekers.

Graag zien we elkaar op vrijdag 10 december in Spant!, Bussum bij ‘Impianti al dente‘.

  • Prof. Alessandro Pozzi
    Digital Innovation in Implant Dentistry: Navigation Guided Surgery.
  • Dr. Prof. Daniele Cardaropoli
    Ridge preservation or immediate implant placement in  the aesthetic zone.
    Soft-tissue management - soft tissue thickening around implants and widening of keratinized tissue.
  • Dr. Giacomo Fabbri
    A biologically driven concept to design the emergence profile around dental implants: prosthetic considerations to optimize hard and soft tissues integration.
  • Dr. Egon Euwe
    Optimizing the pink interface for Esthetic long lasting results in modern implantology: revealing the hidden secrets of the Transgingival part of the implant supported Prostheses.
  • Dr. Luca de Stavola
    Computer guided bone harvesting for vertical bone graft